About Me


A little bit about me

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, I have been developing my artistic talent since childhood. As a young adult continuing my education in Art and Art History, I found encouragement from my teachers and fellow students.

Painting has always been a passion throughout the years, but it wasn’t till 2004 that I was able to pursue my passion on a full time basis. My formal training has included the Dundas Valley School of Art where I completed my Certificate Level in 2010.

My Inspiration

Much of my inspiration has come from rural settings and my own gardens. Inspiration comes from tiny glimpse of nearby hidden places often forgotten. My paintings are a process of exploration and self expression, always evolving and taking new directions. My work is a direct response to the colour, form, and beauty in nature that surrounds me. A walk in the forest, a splash in the pond, a flower emerging, the sky turning blue to pink.

I love to paint with bold, loose, and whimsical strokes of the brush. I paint primarily in acrylic and oils working in a colourful and sometimes whimsical style. My painting style has been influenced by the Group of Seven and in particular the art of Tom Thomson.

Family Life in Cambridge Ontario

I live in Cambridge, Ontario, with my husband, Greig, and a family of two dogs—my loyal Golden Lab, Brandy, and Golden Retriever, Bailey.  When they are not nudging me to take them out for a walk, you will find them under my feet while I am painting or having fun with my other crafts.

Relaxation and Contemplation

Time to break and re focus with a cup of tea and cookies and relax in my library of art and inspiration books—a daily ritual of recharge and contemplation.

Tea Pot and Peaches, Oil on Canvas, 11" x 14"